Acquisition, Search Requests & Shop-Hunting
Acquisition, Search Requests & Shop-Hunting
The services of immo suisse include the acquisition of sites, existing properties and retail space for promoters, private and institutional investors and the retail trade.

Due to its knowledge of retail trading and years of experience in the Swiss real estate market, immo suisse is facing up to difficult tasks as well. As a service provider, immo suisse supports the expansion department of proven retail companies and helps them to expand and optimize their branch networks.


Through sensitive methods of operation, immo suisse guarantees the required discretion in order to ensure the customers presence in their existing retail areas. The performance-related acquisition of new locations occurs at an early phase and therefore before the market will notice. This implicates crucial advantage in competition.


In terms of properties immo suisse is in long-lasting negotiations with owners, public authorities and potential investors until the final implementation. The same applies for the area of domestic buildings as well as the change of use of old properties.


On a consultative basis and in accordance with the client’s requirement profile, the investment objects and projects are evaluated and directly passed on to the customers. Therefore, the object offers are neither advertised in the internet nor in the press. Eventually, immo suisse has direct access to numerous private and institutional commercial real estate investors. Further on, it establishes a straightforward connection to the sellers or the lessors.


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