Project Development
Project Development

Immo suisse takes over project development for owners, users and investors. It works out an attractive project idea and produces a market-suitable pre-project.


The start of such a process is in each case the evaluation of suitable plots of land or projects, or the further development of existing sites.


Immo suisse estimates the profitability of the projects, analyses their risks, produces the contracts, assists in the financing and, if necessary, finds users or investors.


This also includes the production of feasibility studies and of risk and competition analyses.


At the same time, however, immo suisse also takes over site location for users or investors in order to use them as a basis to start project development.


Starting with the project idea up to the successful realisation of the project, immo suisse takes over the whole chain of project development.


The project development process includes the following services:

  • property acquisition

  • making the property secure

  • producing a feasibility study

  • producing a pre-project

  • working out project variants

  • working out contracts

  • submission of the planning application

  • project coordination

  • project marketing

  • sale

Developing also means growing – our concepts bring growth = added value for our customers!