Second Opinion
Second Opinion
Both new projects and existing properties need clear orientation to the market.

More and more often, owners want to obtain a second opinion on their site-related questions in order to be able to position their project/property optimally.


Immo suisse estimates essential parameters within a few days, in the form of a property short check, in order to be able to assess a property or location from the standpoint of an independent third party.


This is above all from the perspective of the market and possible future users of a property.


Depending on the order, a building is examined for its versatility, leasing capacity, future rent potential, realistic house rent, rate of return etc., thus providing valuable knowledge for the owner or investor before an investment decision, purchase or sale.


Immo suisse also offers a special short shopping centre check, similar to the property short check, that points out necessary measures relating to a revitalisation.


Our neutral outside viewpoint provides safety in an investment decision!